Millions of Tiny Threats

One Powerful Solution

NanoGuard prevents waste and protects health by eradicating harmful pathogens anywhere they pose a threat.

Our Technology


Airilization is a non-thermal sterilization method that uses energized air to safely kill harmful bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses in minutes. Continue

Proven Benefits

Less Waste

Less Waste

Annually, the world loses one BILLION tons of harvested food due to contamination from microbes and mycotoxins. That’s nearly 40% of our collective harvests, and what’s more astonishing is that these losses are preventable.

Better Results

Better Results

We reduce, rather than merely suppress, fungus, toxins, bacteria, mold and viruses. Studies have confirmed that our process achieves more than 99% effective reduction in microbial activity and greater than 90% reduction in toxins.

Low Risk

Low Risk

Our patented technology is a new, non-thermal version of pasteurization that reduces loss and health risks without impacting the quality of the product being treated.

Easy Implementation

Easy Implementation

The process integrates seamlessly into the supply chain and can be easily scaled using off-the-shelf equipment, lowering the barriers to adoption in both the developed and developing worlds.

Meet the Team

Larry Clarke


Larry is a former Executive Vice President with Bunge and brings more than 30 years of agribusiness experience, including trading, new business development, international assignments, and multiple board positions providing a broad network. Larry graduated with business degrees from Mississippi State University, as well as the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School.



Mark A. Hochwalt


Mark is an entrepreneur and businessman with broad experience in the chemical, agricultural, water treatment, pharmaceutical and animal nutrition industries. He holds eight patents covering a range of technologies. While at Monsanto Company, he held P&L responsibility for three global businesses. Mark has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati.



Dr. Cherian George, Ph.D.

Director of Research and Regulatory Affairs

Cherian worked with Monsanto Company for more than 25 years in various R&D as well as Regulatory Affairs capacities. During the latter part of his career there, he was instrumental in gaining FDA GRAS status for several genetically modified, nutritionally enhanced crop products. Dr. George received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Loyola University of Chicago and did his post-doctoral research in CNS drug discovery at the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology of Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.



Dr. Michael Ndengele, Ph.D.

Senior Microbiologist

Michael is the Senior Research Microbiologist Consultant for Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc. and the Chief Operating Officer Microbe Scan LLC. Dr. Ndengele received his Ph. D. in Biological Sciences from Cleveland State University.



Dr. Jeffrey Fornero, Ph.D.

Senior Engineer

Jeff spent 20 years with Shell Oil in a variety of engineering, project management, and operations management roles. He then acquired his Ph.D. in Energy, Environmental, and Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. Afterward, he worked in a technology scouting role followed by key roles in two start-ups, one of which continues operation in the EU.



Jackson Cummings


Jackson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame. After working as a summer intern for NanoGuard in 2016, he joined the company as a full-time employee upon graduation in 2017.



Anthony Behle

Product Development Engineer

Anthony joined NanoGuard in May of 2019 and helps conduct experiments and analyze results both in the laboratory and in the field. 



Stephen Reichelt


Stephen Reichelt completed his undergraduate studies at Lindenwood University in biology with a focus on biochemistry. Following graduation, he gained employment at Microbe Inotech Laboratories, a contract service laboratory offering a wide array of microbiological research and testing services for clients across the nation. After two years of applied microbiology experience, he arrived at his current position with NanoGuard Technologies, researching the application of cold plasma-generated reactive gas species and conducting microbial reduction experiments centralized around food safety and shelf life of food commodities.



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